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About ASKTalks

My name is Abhiraj Singh kadiyan [ Hence ASKTALKS ], and I am a 25-year-old software engineer working for a big multinational corporation. I’ve always been interested in technology, and ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by how technology has changed the world we live in. When I was in high school, I discovered my passion for programming and computer science, and that’s when I decided to pursue a career in software engineering.

ASKTalks Education

After completing my Master’s degree in Computer Application, I landed my first job as a software engineer in a Multinational Company. I learned a lot during my time there Working at a big corporation can be challenging, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. I work with some of the smartest people in the industry, and every day, I’m learning something new.

ASKTalks Job

As a software engineer, my main responsibility is to develop software programs that solve complex problems for our clients. It’s a challenging but incredibly fulfilling job, and I love the fact that I get to use my skills to make a difference in people’s lives.

One of the things that I’m particularly passionate about is helping people make informed decisions when it comes to buying tech products online. With so many different brands, models, and features to choose from, it can be challenging to know which product is the right one for you. That’s where my knowledge and expertise come in.

ASKTalks Tech Researcher

I spend a lot of my free time researching the latest tech products, including phones and laptops, so that I can give people accurate and helpful information when they’re shopping online. I know how important it is to have a reliable phone or laptop, especially in today’s world where technology is such a big part of our lives. I also know how frustrating it can be to buy a product online only to realize later that it doesn’t meet your needs or expectations.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to provide people with the information they need to make informed decisions when buying tech products online. I write reviews and guides that cover everything from the latest smartphone models to the best laptops for students. I provide detailed information on the features and specs of each product, as well as my honest opinion on whether it’s worth the investment.

ASKTalks Helping Others

I believe that everyone should have access to accurate and helpful information when it comes to buying tech products online. That’s why I’m constantly working to improve my knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the tech industry. I’m also passionate about sharing my knowledge with others, and I often give talks and presentations on the topic of tech and online shopping.

In addition to my work as a software engineer and my passion for tech, I also enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I believe that it’s important to have a well-rounded life outside of work, and I try to make time for the things that bring me joy and fulfillment.

Last But Not The Least

Overall, I’m grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had as a software engineer and for the chance to share my knowledge with others. Whether I’m developing software programs or writing reviews of the latest tech products, I’m always working to make a positive impact on the world around me.


Abhiraj Singh Kadiyan [ ASKTALKS TECH ]

My Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@asktalks1 [Subscribe for Full Video]

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